Find of the Month: Elsa Peretti Pearls By The Yard Bracelet

Pearls by the yard

My New Specs


Handy, Man

Emotion lotion

Midweek Modness: My Second Zenith

UPDATE: There was some kind of double post glitch with this post. This version is edited to combine both versions. My watch collecting jones has been reawakened of late. Which was worrisome because… Continue reading

Bakelite Crib Toy

Plastic power

Peru Part 2

Warp tour

2015: Unexpected Pleasures


Midweek Modness: Super Ceramics

Very pottery

2015: The Year of Shopping Virtually

I’m very slowly organizing my brain enough to do a post mortem of 2015. One has to look back on one’s experiences every now and then in order to learn from them. But… Continue reading

Goodbye Goodwill?

I was saddened to hear that Goodwill has, effective immediately, closed 18 of its Ontario stores. My thrift shopping skills were honed when I spent a few months working near the old Richmond… Continue reading

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