Fall Fashions

Long, light and layered

Freebie Friday: Trinket Box

Trapper keeper

Auction Results

Bidding winnings

Midweek Modness: Henderson Furniture Boomerang Chair

On Sunday, Mr. Andrew and I went out on a walkabout to explore our new neighbourhood. We visited local shops, wandered side streets and hit a few yard sales. Which is how we… Continue reading

White Shoe

Feet Blanc

Tangible Intangibles

My sister Bobbi, has joined the Etsy Community with a new shop called TangibleIntangibles. She lives out in the country, has access to auctions and has accumulated a cool collection of Canadiana and… Continue reading

Freebie Friday: Sidewalk Art

A bridge over trouble water

Midweek Modness: Ibero Finland Brooch

I picked up this pretty emerald-green wooden pin at the St. Lawrence Market last Sunday. At first glance I thought (hoped) it was an Aarikka brooch, but a quick glance at the hardware… Continue reading

In The Bag

Carry on

Arm Candy

Off the cuff

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