Feelin’ Kinda Twenties


For some reason, I keep buying the same Art Deco Elgin Parisienne watch over and over again.

The Parisienne line of watches was introduced in the mid-1920s and featured ultra deco designs by Paris-based designers such as designers as Madame Agnès, Jeanne Lanvin, and Callot Soeurs. The collection was hot then and even hotter amongst modern collectors.

So, although they are collectible and rare, I have managed to accquire three of them now — but only the Louise Boulanger model (pictured below).


Did you notice that all of these designers were women? Just checking.

Most of the Parisiennes were available with black, blue, red, and jade green enameling as well as black and white combos. Mine has a 7 jewel American-made 488 movement. The rarest and most beautiful of the Art Deco Elgins is known as “The Lady and the Tiger” and was designed by Lucien Lelong (a guy). It has 15 jewels and is set in 14k solid white gold.

I sold the second one I had last month, and then I bought another one on eBay yesterday. Oh well, the other ones didn’t work — maybe this one will.