Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Ghost of Christmas Past


British designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is one of my favourite fine jewellery designers. The self-taught jeweller has have a real sense of adventure without ever becoming too precious. For a while, she was head designer at Boucheron, where she incorporated sculptural elements, traditional and pop references and clever mixes of materials to create really amazing pieces. She’s also into sustainable jewellery-making practices, which makes me love her more.

Still, Azagury-Partridge is not so well known on this side of the pond. A year ago, she opened her first boutique in New York, but way back in 2005, she did a Christmas capsule collection for H&M. It was one of the Swedish company’s least successful collaborations. Months afterward, the glittering all-red or smoky grey baubles (and rhinestone pet collars) collected dust and deep discounts — the rings pictured below originally retailed for $26 but I picked them up for $2.90.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was at H&M and saw them using an old Solange red acrylic display box to organize disco ball lipglosses. So I came home and took out my mini-collection. I think it holds up quite nicely. Considering that a silver and enamel “Hot Lips” ring costs £980 (approx. $1,719 CDN), I’ll never get a chance to purchase another piece of her jewellery again.