All New Review: L’Oréal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour

The folks at L’Oréal sent me a few samples of the Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour, $14. It’s a two step lipstick involving a shimmery basecoat and and a vitamin E infused conditioner. The collection isn’t due in stores until January, but I was eager to give it a test drive anyway. They sent me Eva’s Caramel, Linda’s Beige and Beyoncé’s Red. I chose Beyoncé because I met her once, and therefore we have a great and powerful connection.

The packaging is sleek and sexy. The base and conditioner pop out like the antenna on an old-fangled cellphone. And the chrome case can double as a mirror (though I’d recommend using a real mirror if you want a precise finish — see photo at the bottom). The base coat slipped on quite smoothly — like a lip gloss but with a neater line. I like that doesn’t feel heavy or sticky. Then you must wait two minutes for the base coat to settle before applying the conditioner. I think there was something off in the packaging (the balm was all mucked up in the tube), but the it did the job without messing up the colour.

The ultimate effect of the Stars collection is to make you look super glam. Here’s a photo of me trying to look glam in glasses. It might be the Beyoncé talking, but I think it works (except for not being able to draw in between the lines, that is).