Børn Engineer Boots

My faux Uggs (Fuggs) discombobulated on the way to the store Saturday afternoon. I had been putting off purchasing desperately needed boots since December because I have been have a hard time time finding something that is stylish and sensible (actual argument in my head: [BODY] “Wearing boots with bad arch support is actually hurting my knees.” [BRAIN] “But Birkenstocks don’t work with most of your clothing.” [BODY] “But I want to protect the knees — I don’t want to be a scooter person when I old.” [BRAIN] If you rode on a scooter your could wear the craziest shoes and not have to worry about getting blisters.”)

Another conundrum: I’ve always wanted a pair of Frye engineer boots, but because I am cheap, I always balk at the price.

Well all problems were solved with the purchase of these Børn Miriam Boots. They look like Frye’s, are “comfort shoes” with arch support and a generous toe box, and they were on sale.