Midweek Modness: More DePassillé-Sylvestre

Abstract attraction


Like a rhinestone cowboy.

Galaxy Quest

Space Invaders

Stuff Galore

A few more objects found on my recent thrift-ventures (followed by a brief analysis of how impractical a purchase it was). I’ll begin with the crazy Red or Dead purse pictured above. It might… Continue reading

Bangles Galore

I’ve been on a lucite bangle bender lately. Here are some recent acquisitions. Expect to see a lot of fantastic plastic bracelets in the a Gracious Good Etsy shop any day now.  

Jewellery Galore!

Nice necklaces

Midweek Modness: Lucite Gucci Watch

Gucci coup

Jackets Galore!

I went for a big thrift safari on Saturday. Despite the fact that I have reached wardrobe perfection, I still am managed to get more clothes, specifically jackets. Pictured above is a beautiful… Continue reading

RIP Zaha Hadid

The Queen of The Curve

Midweek Modness: Fakes

Hard Knocj off me

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