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The gift for thrift

Clip Show

Big old earrings

Tax Returns

Earlier this week, while working on my taxes, I found this Cartier Love bracelet-inspired bangle that I lost long ago whilst sorting through in a box of tax receipts. I got it at… Continue reading

Modern Love

Mid Century Marvels

Spring Cleaning

Minimalist momento

Handmade’s Tale

I have made some jewellery in my time. I am sometimes shy about sharing it. But today I’m feeling confidant. In fact, I feel bold enough to pair some of my pieces with… Continue reading

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Bright and shiny objects

Living Colour

Bring the spring!

Craft Services

The key to my success

Kid Lit

I did not grow up with a strong attachment to the culture  of the Old World. Except when it came to books. When I was studying French and German as a kid, the… Continue reading

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