Estate Sale Haul

Snooping is fun!

Hang Time

Never lose your glasses again

Upper East Side Haul

Thumbs Up!

Hit and Miss

Fake it til you make it

Spooky Snakes

I’ve been planning a meaningful and well-thought-out post about my collection of serpentine jewellery, but it really just boils down to this. I see something with a snake on it, I buy it.… Continue reading

Pins and Patches

Embellishment is big. And as a shameless follower of fashion trends, I’ve been adding little plastic and enamel pins to my already embroidered patch festooned jean jacket. I also really want these two… Continue reading

Back Up

Last week, after years of hunting, I finally thrifted a leather mini backpack! And now a revelatory/cautionary tale about thrift shopping. One of the reasons I like to buy things second hand is… Continue reading

Sharky’s Day

Love at first bite

Sweater Weather

Knit knack

Retirement Community

Can we take a minute to raise a toast to those accessories and garments that gave their all to serving our needs year after year while making us look good at the same… Continue reading

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