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Stationery Souvenirs

Been traveling which means I’ve been stealing more hotel pens as souvenirs. Here’s a pad and pen from The Pod Times Square (plus a Stabilo felt tip that I found on a chair… Continue reading

Frugal Fails: Clothing Edition

Fashion and accessories are the last things I need. I just got my wardrobe pared down to a place where I had everything that I needed. But then I got looking at Fashion… Continue reading

Brick Works Junction Flea Tease

After swearing I was out of the Flea game, they pulled me back. Gracious Good will be at the Junction Flea in the Brick Works this Sunday. And you know that after almost nine months… Continue reading

Super Eight

Sometimes I think the best job in the world would be a graphic designer in the 1960s. But that would require graphic design skills and a time machine.

All Business

VIntage Red Leather Attaché Case

VIntage Red Leather Attaché Case

Fall is for Feathers

It was my dad’s 70th birthday this week. I inherited my love of natural things and curiousity skills (which give me the ability to poke around in thrift shops for hours) from him.… Continue reading

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