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Longing for long coats

I Love Bazaar

Frugal festivities

Dress Up

Moving pictures

A Little Shop

I’m sale-ing away

Pendleton Board Shirts

Surfer style

Banner Year

Silk road

Fall Colours

Here’s a little fashion slideshow of my recent quick trip to New York. Did a little walking around. Ate some tasty food at the Waverly and Tavola’s. Took pictures of some cool street… Continue reading


Went to the CAFTCAD sale on Saturday. It was a little smaller than in past years but also a little better curated. I went with my friends Lynda and Becky who both scored… Continue reading

Taking Stock (Yards)

Mission: Missoni

By The Sea

I’ve been in St. John’s, one of my ancestral family homelands, since Monday on a press trip for The Balvenie Whisky. I’m writing about it for Swagger Magazine, so no spoilers  here, but… Continue reading

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