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Sketchtorialist: Girl With Cape and Piccolo

I saw this girl walking down Queen Street. She was super stylish in her cape, tweedy wide-legged pants and clogs. But the the fact that she was carrying her piccolo just pushed the… Continue reading

Sketchtorialist: My Designer Duds

UPDATE: Lanvin Confirmed for H&M! In anticipation of the rumoured Lanvin/H&M collaboration I’ve decided to draw some of my vast collection of designer clothes (as imagined on other people). Most of my (ahem)… Continue reading

Sketchtorialist: Touched By The Hand of Noel Fielding

We (AK and I) met Noel Fielding at Just For Laughs Toronto. I went up, introduced myself and Andrew. I said we were big fans and then I said “That is all.” What… Continue reading

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