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I’m gonna crow a little. Because I can’t resist a bargain, I am forever buying clothes that are too big, too small or just too oddly shaped for my body. Sometimes I’ve taken… Continue reading

Doll Haul

Dress you up in my love

Doll Parts

Playing with dolls

String Section

Rock on

Recalculating My Collections

Make way for the falcon and the pharoah

I Should Be Sleeping

Frugal fakes and more

Wishlist Updates

Trying to stick to the plan I started making wishlist of the things I wanted to buy a couple of years ago. The idea was that with a list I would be more… Continue reading

Back To BUNZ

Freecycling finds

Scream In Your Art

Wanted to share some recent art acquisitions. Pictured above is a painting of clouds by Jeff Bierk. I follow the artist on Instagram and saw that he was offering up some small studies… Continue reading

Crystal Baller

Yesterday I went to a special screening of

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