Ernest Borel Kaleidescope Cocktail Watch

Here’s a watch I’ve been itching to get my hands on for a long time: A Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch. These crazy, hypnotic watches were first introduced in 1953. The Cocktails come in… Continue reading

More is More

I believe that if you have two rings, you should try to see if they look good stacked together, whether “the man” says they are stacking rings or not. The hematite ring has… Continue reading

How To Date A Watch

This is my most recent super score — a cool retro-style 14k white gold 1940s cocktail watch. How do I know it’s from the 1940s? It has a screwed balance wheel, which makes… Continue reading

Absolutely The Last Post On Star Wars Shoes

Clarks R2D2 Shoes. Clarks Darth Vader Shoes. They pretty much look like Earth Shoes with a picture of Darth Vader on them. Pure hippy evil. Clarks Boba Fett Sneakers. Note the Empire Strikes… Continue reading

Speaking of Star Wars Shoes…

I walked past the Adidas Store on Queen this morning and the Star Wars Original Collection is indeed in — including the Yoda Deck Shoes which I am conflicted about (love the shoes,… Continue reading

Do Over: Sterling and Amethyst Ring

What happened was that I had this Elsa Peretti Open Heart knock off ring. The heart was set on pivots so it would flip over, but it kept coming off. One day, on… Continue reading

Coral Is The New Jade

Seriously, coral (the shade) is a huge spring beauty trend. And Spring is so near, I can smell it in the air. Another portent that coral times are close at hand: I found… Continue reading

Collection Week: Omega Watches

I have a lot of Omegas. Technically the big Dynamic is Andrew’s. I bought the ladies Dynamic NOS from a now defunct jewellery store on Dundas. The little plain watch was my beater… Continue reading

Collections Week: I Like Iolite

Two probably doesn’t count as a collection, but I’m keen to share my latest gemmological theory. See, I’ve had the pendant above for a long, long time. And before I bought it, I’d… Continue reading

Collection Week: Taxco Sterling Silver Bracelets

When I’m feeling Frida Kalho, I like to wear all three of these circa ’40s Mexican Silver Bracelets. At least two of them (left and centre) are from the Taxco area of Mexico.

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