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Freebie Friday: Talon Show

Complimentary claw

Ice Rings

Keeping on the winter theme, here are two quartz rings I picked up at the St. Lawrence Market two Sundays ago. I picked ’em up fro a song at a three for $5… Continue reading


A ring vignette

Groovy Pewter and Copper Rings

Bands for my hands

Silver Belles

More and sundry November thrift shop finds.Today, it’s some (I think) Deco-era rings. The etched and woven ring isn’t marked but I feel that is old and silver. The black onyx and marcasite… Continue reading

The Jewels of Our Mothers

My family jewels

Midweek Modness: Bronze and Enamel Ring

I found a freeform ball ring.

Mystery Jewel: Niello Ring

Is this ring Russian or what?

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