I Found An Art: Hot Pop Factory 3D Printing

3D Printing of Andrew and RHonda

Before Valentine’s Day, Mr. Andrew an myself were walking down the street for two-for-one falafel Tuesday at Ali Baba when we happened upon a unique event. An outfit called Hot Pop Factory was holding a 3D printing kissing/photobooth at Untitled + Co., a local clothing store. I have been reading about this technique — basically someone uses a digital camera to scan you in the round and then the image is cleaned up and “printed” with a high tech polymer — so we popped in to observe the process. The Hot Pop Factory folks, Matt and Bi-Ying, said that do the scan for for free and then if we wanted to, we could order a print out.

Of course the first one’s always free — that’s how they get you hooked! And I’m a sucker for new technology, so I signed us up for a mini-bust (although I was sorely tempted to have Mr. Andrew’s adorable mug made into a ring). The only problem with my impulse buy was that it wouldn’t be ready for a week.

Fast forward to last night when I got a text telling me that our printout was ready for pickup. We raced over and it is indeed lovely. I wish I had a better photo but dusk was already falling by the time we got home and my flash is wack.

Mr. Andrew says that because we never had official nuptial portraits taken, this is our wedding picture.