Austerity April: Bun-O-Matic

easy bun by goody

Here’s the last of the the easy ways to give your hair a fast update with accessories from our friends at Goody. The beauty of this bun is that you don’t need a lot of hair to pull it off, making it a great option for ladies like me who are growing their hair out and/or are trying to save a few bucks by stretching out the time between cuts.

1. Pull your hair back, either on the top of your head or the nape of your neck. and secure it with a clear Goody Ouchless elastic.
2. Pull your ponytail through a nylon bun “donut.”
3. Tuck your hair in around the base of the donut, securing it with bobby pins (Goody has some amazing mini pins that the perfect size for the job).
4. If you are looking for something extra fancy for a prom or wedding, add a subtle accessory such as a bow or flower Simple Styles Spin Pin LUXE ($5).