Junction Flea Reprise: The Extreme Weather Edition


The May Junction Flea was a bit of a blow out — literally. We were buffeted by winds, pelted with hail, drenched with rain, kissed by the sun and frozen by unseasonably cold temperatures. We were prepared for the cold and rain, but the wind was the worst. Team Gracious, Good spent most of the day clinging to our tent poles so that our shelter would not blow away. At some point, I put on all the clothing that I had bought to sell in a desperate attempt to feel warmth again (that’s me modelling my kimono during a short appearance by the sun). The jewels kept blowing off the table and some got stomped by pedestrians. We felt like we’d been lashed to the mast of a ship in a gale and, at around 2pm, we decided that we weren’t tough enough to be last vendor standing.

SO if you came out after two looking for jewels, I apologize.

We did have some good times. The camaraderie amongst vendors and shoppers was high. Micha and Paul, the Flea’s organizers, did everything they could to help us keep body and tent together And although the weather was freakish, we are looking forward to the June Flea. Hopefully by then, the sun will shine on us for more than five minutes.