Midweek Modness: Abstract Pewter Ring

abstract ring

I have been a fan of the vintage and the jewellery since I was a teen. Many of the jewels that I acquired in my teens and twenties came from my mom and friends’ moms. They would see me wearing something crazy and say “You like that stuff? I’ve got a jewellery box full of it.” And then they’d dig up their old jewels and we’d have a great time talking about when and where they got their favourites. And then they would give me a piece or two as a present.

This ring came from one of my university roommate’s moms. She was a potter and a real bohemian in the 1960s and ’70s. I can’t really remember the whole history of the ring, but I think she thought she got it at a craft show that she was exhibiting at. I know from my crafty friends that it’s a tradition to trade with the other vendors at the end of the show.

I am probably the same age she was when she gave it to me. I always though that it looked a little bit like a mask.