Freebie Friday: Stone Carving Kit

Soapstone Mermaid

About a year ago I interviewed the super talented sculptor Karen Brodie. After the interview, she gave me a soapstone carving kit. Last weekend, I finally started (and completed) my first stone sculpture of a middle aged mermaid (or mermatron, as Mr. Andrew has dubbed it). Here are my process shots:


Karen runs one day workshops and I remember at the time she told me how encouraging and satisfying it was to work on a small soapstone project because one feels a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. She was right. Soapstone is easy (though dusty) to work with and, following the instructions in the kit, I was able to bring my mermatron vision to life. And since I collect stone carvings I have a much deeper appreciation of the talents of the artists who make these works.

Plus it was a great arm workout. Thanks Karen!