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Sneak Peek: Missoni For Target

Images for the Missoni for Target collection showed up on the internets yesterday. The range d├ębuts on September 13th, a Tuesday. Note to my employers, I will be calling in sick that day.… Continue reading

Window Shopping: Weekend Store Roundup

Went on a bit of a walkabout Saturday morning with Mr. Andrew. We checked out a few new and not-so-new shops along the way. While their goods are a much higher price point… Continue reading

Sidewalk Find: No Lion, No Witch, Just Wardrobe

An interesting feature of Downtown Toronto housing — especially in pre-Edwardian buildings — is that there are not a lot of closets. We have exactly one closet in our house. Which is why… Continue reading

My Pen! Has Anybody Seen My Pen?

On Sunday, I went to the The Old Book & Paper Show at Wychwood Barns. I traded my autograph book of 1930s wrestlers for this Waterman Expert Essential black lacquer ball point pen.… Continue reading

Bunnies are the New Owl

My birthday bunny has finally arrived. I’ve long been a fan of Canadian-born, Bali-based jewellery designer John Hardy. Even though he’s retired, the company has done well by his legacy. Which is why… Continue reading

Enamel Week: Siam Silver Red Enamel Ring

Clearly one of the reasons I’m posting about enamel jewellery this week is that I accquired a bunch of it on the weekend. The Victorian slide, the David-Andersen fish brooch and this red… Continue reading

Enamel Week: Victorian Seed Pearl Slide

I can’t get enough of enamelled jewellery. Which means I have more enamelled bijoux to share with y’all this week, starting with the Victorian blue enamel and seed pearl slide I found on… Continue reading

Trading Up

Today I went to the St. Lawrence Market to do an experiment: I wanted to trade a bunch of my surplus stuff for one really good thing. So I took in a handful… Continue reading

Sunday Shopping Coming Down

Sunday morning I decided to get out of the house early and do stuff before the Santa Clause Parade cleaved the city in two. I went to the St. Lawrence Antique Market, but… Continue reading

My Spooky Wook: Eerie Accessories

I have written about this before, but if you have even the slightest proclivity toward Gothness, now is the time to stock up on accessories and makeup for the rest of the year.… Continue reading

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