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Do Over: Dragons Awake

Here’s a love Nouveau-ish brooch I picked up for 50 cents at a garage sale last May. It was missing its centre stone and it took all summer to find an appropriate one… Continue reading

Do Over?: Vintage Glasses

I’ve had these cool. 1960s vintage frames (pictured above) for a couple of years now. While they are kinda of close to my prescription, I’ve always meant to have proper lenses put in.… Continue reading

Do Over: Sterling Silver Cleaver Necklace

Sometimes you have two things that don’t quite work on their own. In this case, I had a nice, weighty vermeil necklace that at 16 inches was too tight around the neck for… Continue reading

Do Over: Locket On A Ribbon

I have more pendants, medallions and lockets than I have chains to hang them from. Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl wearing a charm bracelet as a choker. To… Continue reading

Do Over: Vintage Liberty of London Skirt

I read something recently about the reason that French women are so much more stylish is that even when they buy off the rack, they always have their clothes tailored to fit them.… Continue reading

Do Over: Cufflink Necklace

This is probably the laziest piece of jewellery I have ever made. I took a single cufflink and put it on a chain. Ta da! I think it looks kind of modernist. My… Continue reading

Do Over: Sterling and Amethyst Ring

What happened was that I had this Elsa Peretti Open Heart knock off ring. The heart was set on pivots so it would flip over, but it kept coming off. One day, on… Continue reading

The Devil’s Workshop is Moving (and a Do Over)

The Devil’s Workshop, a fine local silversmithing studio, is moving into their new digs at 890 Queen Street West today. Not only do they sell lots of cool jewels, they also teach classes… Continue reading

Do Over: Earring to Pendant Conversion

Here is one of my earliest do overs. I had a pair of oversized concho earrings set with 1.5 carat amethysts. But one of the earrings was broken. So I took them to… Continue reading

Do Over: Brutalist Bracelet Turned Necklace

This was an easy one: Take one broken brutalist-inspired bracelet from the 70s and remove broken panels. Attach one end to a wire choker (available at any bead shop). Pry polished amethyst stones… Continue reading

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