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All New Review: Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash and Maximum Moisture Cream

It’s minus 20°C today. The air is so cold and dry but it serves as a good reminder that this year I have to take better care of my skin. I recently rediscovered… Continue reading

Vintage 1977 Perfume Ads

Seventies scents

Simone Signoret Style

Sixties style makeup

Anna Sui Nail Polish

Dress up your nails

Wood He? DSquared Necklace

Here’s a contemporary addition to my growing collection of fragrance related jewellery. It’s a promotional piece (I’m guessing) from the launch of DSquared’s He Wood fragrance, launched in 2007. It’s basically a cord… Continue reading

All New Review: Garden Inspired Fragrance Layering

Maybe I’m getting a little too into my “Hot Matron” look because I feel drawn to Lilac and Lavender — scents I once considered “Old Lady.” Or perhaps I’m just yearning for the… Continue reading

All New Review: Dr. Bronner’s Almond Pure Castille Soap

Fighting dry winter skin and crazy hormones at the same time. So I decided to switch soaps again. Mr. Andrew is a longtime fan of the Dr. Bronner’s soaps, but whenever I’ve tried… Continue reading

Vintage 1988 Makeup Ads

Some more old ads from 1988 for your time travel pleasure. Not much to say here except that eye makeup was certainly more dramatic in the Eighties.

Vintage 1988 Makeup Ads

The festive season is fast approaching and if you want to go for an over-the-top look, you can try using these 1988 makeups ads for inspiration. Take this YSL as for example:, what… Continue reading

Brush Your Face

It’s getting colder. The air is getting drier. The skin needs extra exfoliation. So I invested in this lovely face brush so I can give dry brushing a go. Here’s the theory: Dead… Continue reading

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