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Look! Books! The Crown

For fans of all things vintage, there’s no read like a good historical thriller!

Elizabeth Taylor and Bulgari: 125 Years of Italian Magnificence

The auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewellery collection was announced. The auction catalogue features over 300 pieces from her fabled jewellery box. I spent the weekend reading about and looking at pictures of her… Continue reading

More Scarf Magic

Why do I keep buying vintage scarves? Like this Laura Ashley floral print number I picked up last week. I certainly don’t need any more scarves, but I can’t resist them. As I… Continue reading

Keef is Kool

My copy of Keith Richard’s Life arrived today. I’ve only had time to look at the pictures, but Keef seems to be a watch guy. I can spot a chunky LED in pictures… Continue reading

That’s So Sassy!

In the not new but new to me dept., Cassandra sent me a link to a collection of scans of old issues of Sassy that appeared on Style Rookie last April. Tavi says… Continue reading

Lookbooks: Lillian Bassman: Women

I woke up with a weird feeling that I had met Lillian Bassman at the Bata Shoe Museum. Could this be true or just a dream? I’ve been Googling the iconic photographer all… Continue reading

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