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Freebie Friday: Art Books

Sidewalk library

Freebie Friday: Books!

Genius jackets

Freebie Friday: Found

Free library

Thrift Shop Haul

More scores.

Freebie Friday: Judging Books By Their Covers

Pretty patterns…

Midweek Modness: 1974 Casabella Magazine

Mendini magic

Freebie Friday: More Frames, More Books

A summation of this week’s sidewalk finds

Freebie Friday: The Donnellys Must Die

Pulp Non-Fiction.

Covet Garden in the Globe & Mail

There was lovely article about Covet Garden Home in the Style Section of Saturday’s Globe and Mail. You can read it here.

Freebie Friday: Buddha and Kaling

On our way to buy groceries yesterday, we came across a “free” box of orphaned housewares on the sidewalk. There was a lot of stuff, including a very nice diffusing hairdryer and many… Continue reading

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