My Beauty Reboot

Hey everybody! My Beauty Reboot Makeover is now up at Thrill to the wonder of my transformation (courtesy of colorist Luis Pacheco and stylist Anthony Ingraldi of Hair on the Avenue, and… Continue reading

Do Over: Sterling Silver Cleaver Necklace

Sometimes you have two things that don’t quite work on their own. In this case, I had a nice, weighty vermeil necklace that at 16 inches was too tight around the neck for… Continue reading

1952 Gruen Bumper Auto-Wind

I’ve had automatic watches before, but this Gruen Precision is my first bumper automatic. Automatic watches uses the movement of the wearer’s arm to cause a semi-circular rotor to pivot back-and-forth and wind… Continue reading

All New Review: Rihanna Live!

My brother-in-law scored some tickets to last night’s Rihanna/Ke$ha concert at the Molson Ampitheatre. Here is my style review. We got to the show late, so we only caught the last two songs… Continue reading

Luck O’ The Irish

Sorry about the drive-by post today, but I’m totally swamped with paying work. Which I am lucky to have. Another thing I’m lucky to have is this Victorian-era Connemara Marble horseshoe brooch. In… Continue reading

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

I thought I’d share an unusual jewel this morning. It’s a bracelet that we beauty editors were given when Tiffany launched their perfume Trueste back in 1995. Trueste the scent is a light… Continue reading

Back From The Bush

Hey everybody! I’m back from a week in Lake of the Woods. No WiFi. No cellphone connection. Yet I still managed to buy shoes. This is a picture of the same moccasins I… Continue reading

Brix Smith: Style Icon

I was looking at some old videos by The Fall on the You Tubes, and I couldn’t help but notice how au courant guitarist Brix Smith‘s look was/is. Turns out she no longer… Continue reading

Mid Century Modnesday: Copper Bracelet, Robert Larin Brooch and B+D Bangle

Look at these Mod goodies I got at the Flamboro Antique Show on the weekend. First, the funky copper bracelet pictured above. In the 1950s and 1960s, studio designers and First Nations artisans… Continue reading

Do Over: Locket On A Ribbon

I have more pendants, medallions and lockets than I have chains to hang them from. Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl wearing a charm bracelet as a choker. To… Continue reading

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