Interview With A Beauty Advisor: Carolyn Black

Beauty advisors are our friends. They save us money by steering us away from impulse buys that we will use once and then leave in the medicine cabinet for five years. They point… Continue reading

Watch Week: Seiko, My Seiko!

I actually just got rid of a whole bunch of watches, but in the last week I seem to have acquired four news ones. So I hereby declare this Watch Week just so… Continue reading

Rainy Days

If it’s gonna be rainy outside, you should have a pretty umbrella, such as this 1960s-era ombre number with a bamboo body and lucite handle that I found at the Value Village on… Continue reading

Arc of a Diver

Check out this crazy Westclox Diving Watch I picked up on Wednesday at the Salvation Army. It’s a 17 jewel, handwound movement set in a plastic case. I also learned that a polishing… Continue reading

Who Is She?

My Louiseboulanger Elgin (pictured below) arrived yesterday! It is in much better shape than the ones I had before, though it’s still not working. It was part of a lot with many other… Continue reading

Fashion is Danger

I was reading up on this week’s auction of the contents of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé’s country home. I was even gonna make a post about it so I was looking… Continue reading

Still Feelin’ the Twenties

The Art Deco era is pretty awesome, so here are some more pretties from the 1920s from my jewellery box. Above is a German-made rhodium plated sterling silver necklace from Birks. The necklace’s… Continue reading

Solange Azagury-Partridge’s Ghost of Christmas Past

British designer Solange Azagury-Partridge is one of my favourite fine jewellery designers. The self-taught jeweller has have a real sense of adventure without ever becoming too precious. For a while, she was head… Continue reading

Feelin’ Kinda Twenties

For some reason, I keep buying the same Art Deco Elgin Parisienne watch over and over again. The Parisienne line of watches was introduced in the mid-1920s and featured ultra deco designs by… Continue reading

Do Over: More Than Meets the Eye

Sometimes you come across a piece of jewellery history — just a piece mind you, not the whole set. In this case I found one beautiful Mexican silver and coral cabochon screwback earring… Continue reading

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