Weekday Update: Rearview Mirror Edition II

Everybody is weighing in with their “Decade in Review” lists. I, too, am making a list. A list of the top five fashion related Naughty Aughties lists and whatnot, starting with: 5. Meg… Continue reading

What I Got For Christmas

My sister gave me the ultrasonic Schildkraut Jewelry Cleaner pictured above. When I was taking silver smithing classes, we used one of these a lot. The actual cleaning is performed by the cleaning… Continue reading

The Fall and Rise of Dennis’ House of Vintage

Do you remember Dennis’ House of Vintage? It was that cool shop at Queen & Portland with an very nice collection of high-end vintage clothing. You know, stuff like Pierre Balmain shirt dresses,… Continue reading

My First Auction

Tonight I participated in my first ever, non-online auction at Waddington’s. I prepared by doing tons of research. Waddington’s has a page of advice for noobs on how to bid and set price… Continue reading

Rattle and Hum

If I had a baby, I would turn it into a magical woodland creature with Holly Handmade’s wood print bibs and mushroom baby rattles. If I was a baby, I would like to… Continue reading

Find of the Month: The Greatest Necklace Ever!

It’s a little early for find of the month, I know, but I finally found my Anna Wintour necklace! Mind you, mine is silver set with glass stones, not gold and coloured gems.… Continue reading

Weekend Update: Mystery Solved!

Remember these guys? They are called Twee Trees and I met their makers, AT.AW., at City of Craft. I told Eric of AT.AW. that we took a picture but that they were all… Continue reading

Mysterious Blue Light Special: Norwegian Good

Yesterday, I purchased some fantastic 1940s and 50s-era guilloche enamel jewellery from Norway. Yesterday, a strange spiraling blue light was spotted in the Norwegian sky. Yesterday, Barack Obama picked up his Nobel Peace… Continue reading

That’s So Sherman!

I’ve written about influential Canadian Studio jewellers such as Robert Larin and De Passillé-Sylvestre before. But The Great White North was also home to many great costume jewellery designers. Probably the best-known and… Continue reading

A Magical Jewelry Story

I have been going through some of my favourite jewels because I need to raise some cash to pay for my broken tooth. I was fixing up the locket above (the stone had… Continue reading

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