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I Love Enamel

Glass on brass (not really but it rhymes)

Midweek Modness: Kay Denning Enamel On Copper Bracelet

Digging Denning

Des bracelets pour le printemps

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it intermittently throughout the years: I am enamoured of enamelled bangles. One of my jewellery holy grails is to get a handpainted-in-Austria bracelet from Hermès. In… Continue reading

Obsessions Week: Enamel

Examples of enamelled jewellery

Beauty in the Ruins: Edwardian Silver Cloisonnée Brooch

A damaged cloisonée brooch.

Midweek Modness: Enamelled Copper Pheasant Brooch

Don’t have much to say except that I could not resist this cute enamelled bird. The shape reminds me a little bit of Charley Harper’s abstract birds (see example from Charley Harper: An… Continue reading

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