I Love Enamel

Over the years I’ve shared many posts about Canadian jewelry makers and enamelists De Passille-Sylvestre. I am no scholar on the subject of this husband-and-wife team, but I am an enthusiast.

I have more than a few of their necklaces. I even have a belt buckle. and I have owned their earrings. So imagine my delight when I found not one but two examples of their work that I’ve never had in my clutches before: this exquisite bracelet and a cute little stickpin.

I also picked up another another example of Mid Century jewellery — an enamel on copper brooch signed Beri. Still researching this maker but am happy to add it to the collection for now.

Also please note that Word Press has changed their formats and I’m still getting used to it. Learning curves are always a bit of a nuisance and until I get the hang of it, posts may be shorter and not as pretty.