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Nifty Thrifties

Cheap Thrills


Palm Springs rings

Green Day

Kiss me, I’m partially Irish

Midweek Modness: B. E. Eren Enamel Bison Plate

Copper Umingmak

Midweek Modness: De Passille Sylvestre Pendant


More Spring Flowers

Ring around the rosies

Midweek Modness: Norman Grant

Scottish silver

Canadiana: Vintage Provincial Shield Charm Bracelet

Know Your Coats of Arms

Locket To Me

I got this pretty locket in a jewellery lot I won on eBay. It’s enamelled front uses a technique called guilloché, which basically means a machine etched pattern. I could see the locket… Continue reading

Find of the Month: Woody the Artisanal Woodpecker

I came across this beautiful pin whilst visiting the parents in K-W. First of all, I cannot resist a bird brooch. Secondly I have, of late, become quite interested in the art of… Continue reading

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