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Silver Wear

Beautiful bargains

Thrifty Nifties

Between us squirrels

Wrist Shot

¬†As part of my convalescence goals, I planned to go through my jewels, pare things down and put the spares up for sale in my Etsy Shop. Instead I rediscovered a bunch of… Continue reading

Hecho en Mexico

Copper mine

The Yard

Seven for Fifteen

Muy Mexican: My New Bracelet

The latest addition to my Mexican Bracelet Collection

Rocks on Rocks

the first garage sale buys of 2012.

Midweek Modness: Mexican Lapis Cuff Bracelet

Modernist Silver Lapis Cuff Bracelet

Do Over: Mexican Silver Charm Bracelet

A repurposed Mexican silver charm bracelet

Do Over: Mexican Mask Keychain and Glam Amethyst Rhinestone Repair

A shotgun wedding between glam and folk pieces.

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