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Recent eBay Finds

These retro gold and garnet earrings are my most recent eBay purchase. The online auction site used to be my number one trawling grounds for fantastic watches, Inuit prints and jewels. So many… Continue reading

My Favourite Things: Dangle Earrings

In olden times, a savvy woman would stretch her jewellery budget with convertible earrings. You would have one pair of the actual thingy that went in your ear and you would mix things… Continue reading

Late Victorian Silver and Gold Picture Brooch

Another $2 find from the St. Lawrence Antique Market. That place is a candy shop, I tells ya! I love this lady A. Flett, O.S. She looks so happy and I just want… Continue reading

My Favourite Things: Summer Looks

One of these days, someone is going to catch me taking pictures of myself in the bathroom at work. In the meantime, here are some of my more successful summertime ensembles (in my… Continue reading

Etched Victorian Hinged Bangles

The past two weeks have been crazy busy (more on that tomorrow). This week I have to catch up with mundane activities like meetings, work and laundry. Plus it’s like a million degrees… Continue reading

Spare Some Coin Jewellery

In some circles jewellery is seen as portable wealth. Nomadic peoples, such as the Romany, had to carry their assets with them. Brits are fond of sovereign rings, which feature a gold coin… Continue reading

Victorian 9ct Gold Front Locket and Memorial Pin

I haven’t been hunting on eBay much lately. Partially because the pickings are not as good – it’s more dealers and less regular joes selling. Which means that everything is more expensive. And… Continue reading

Victorian Jewellery for Victoria Day

As promised, I went prowling for vintage stuff on Friday. Fittingly, I found two Victorian pieces. The big score is a pair of gigantic girandole earrings from around 1870. Girandole means chandelier and… Continue reading

April Fool: Some Old Finds That I Got Wrong

Did a little more research on some recent finds (informally, I visited some dealers) and just wanted to provide an update: The brooch pictured above is a real pink topaz, but alas, not… Continue reading

I Wonder Where The Birdies Is? Victorian Aesthetic Era Sterling Dove Bar Pin

Picked up this wee bar pin at the St. Lawrence Antique Market last Sunday for two bucks. It has assay marks, but I can’t quite make them out. Next week, I’m going to… Continue reading

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