Etched Victorian Hinged Bangles

The past two weeks have been crazy busy (more on that tomorrow). This week I have to catch up with mundane activities like meetings, work and laundry. Plus it’s like a million degrees celsius and my little home office is cooled only by a fan that dries my eyeballs out while I work (note to self: do not point fan directly at face).

What I’m trying to say is that today’s post is a very lazy one. I’ll I’ve managed to accomplish is taking a photo of three very shabby, Victorian-era hinged bangle bracelets. Two have broken closures, one is losing it’s enamel. I’ve enquired about having them repaired, but no one seems willing to do it because, monetarily, they aren’t worth the effort. I feel badly for them and keep them near, waiting for the day that science invents a laser that can make quick, inexpensive repairs on cheap old jewelry.