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Galaxy Quest

Space Invaders

Hamilton Times Part 1: Hawk & Sparrow

James Street Style

Space Vintage

Second Hand Chic

Fixies: Multi Strand Necklace

How to wear vintage without looking vintage

Random Pairings

It takes two.

Window Shopping: Timeless Apparel

A quick visit Timeless Apparel

New Week: Old

Ur-Seventies Landlubber Jeans

Mirror in the Bathroom: My Winter Wardrobe Part 1

One of my favourite Winter 2012 ensembles.

Weekend Thrift Trip: Revisiting the ’80s

I took a trip to the Danforth Value Village before our improve show at Timothy’s last Friday. I found two decidedly ’80s looks. First off, I picked up floral print Laura Ashley dress.… Continue reading

Midweek Modness: 1970s Givenchy Shirt

This 1970s Givenchy logo shirt is vintage vintage. I bought it from the Goodwill on College Street — before it became Motoretta. At the time I was shopping with my former roomie Amir… Continue reading

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