All About Shoe Clips

Twice this week, the topic of shoe clips has come up in conversation. So I thought I should look into it a little bit.

Shoe buckles and clips have been used to gussy up footwear since the Bronze Age. But they really it their prime in the 1950’s and early 60’s. The modern era was also the modular era, when interchangeable accessories were all the rage. You could buy a watch with seven different straps and bezels. You could get a ring and swap out the stones to match your outfit. And would have a whole wardrobe of shoe clips to change up the look of single pair of pumps.

The timing for a shoe clip comeback is perfect. We’re all broke and can’t afford a new pair of shoes for every occasion. Finding clips is a little trickier. The best place to find new clips is at bridal supply stores. Some of the buttons and notions shops on Queen St. W., between Spadina and Bathurst, also have some in stock.

For vintage shoe clips, they pop up randomly in your upscale Vintage Clothing Shops (Cabaret usually has a good selection). If you have time to shop for shoe clips, the best selection and best deals, check out eBay.