Getting Lucky: Catena Equis Watch

While moving everything back into our kitchen, I found a box full of jewellery. I had no recollection of any of it. This might be a sign that I have too much jewellery.

One of the pieces in the box was a horseshoe-shaped watch by Catena – a brand I have no knowledge of. The little research I’ve done would suggest that equestrian-themed watches are their specialty. Thaat and these watches are not cheap.

On Saturday, I thought I’d take it to get a new battery put in and give the watch to my niece M, who rides horses. Nobody could get the case back off and in trying, they all added a scratch to the case. Not the most gripping story, I know. But the horsey design is starting to grow on me.And did I mention that the dial is mother of pearl although you can’t really tell from this picture.

There was a lot of other stuff in the box — a bunch of sterling, some 1960s-era signed pieces. Where did it come from and how did I forget about it?