Hit The Bars

The folks at Olay sent some samples of their Sheer Moisture Ribbons Moisturizing Bar and I realized that I haven’t used soap in a cake form in years. I’ll do a review of the soap itself next week (it promises smoother skin in seven days so I need some more time to rest its claims). But I though I’d take the opportunity to way in on the environmental cost of body wash vs. bars.

Obviously when it comes to packaging, bar soap wins hands. down. It comes wrapped in paper or in a cardboard box as opposed to a plastic bottle. And yes, even when the plastic is recyclable, there’s still a lot of energy used to break it down.

But a little digging shows that body washes (especially the cheaper ones) also contains more highly processed ingredients (such as un-environmentally friendly detergents) to keep the soap in its liquidy form. And most of those detergents end up down the drain and back into the eco-system.

Obviously bar soaps have their issues: mostly slipping out of your hand during your shower and, at the end of their life, drying out and breaking up into unattractive, crusty slivers (although there are simple ways to recycle you left overs).

The biggest argument for body wash is that it is more convenient. Which isn’t that strong of a case. I am going to try and make the switch back to bars.