I’ve Been Airbrushed!

On Tuesday, I had my first ever experience with airbrushed makeup. I was getting headshots taken by the lovely and talented photographer Alexis Finch, with makeup by the lovely and talented Jeannine Charles from The Image Crafters.

I’ll start my story by telling you that it was a swelteringly hot and humid day. I imagined that any and all makeup would slide off my face in seconds. The beauty of the airbrushing on a swampy day is that the little puffs of air feel nice and cool, the application is quick and light and it didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup at all. No wonder the celebs get airbrushed for award shows (The hot lights! The nerves! The unforgiving high definition cameras!)

It was a super fun afternoon. Jeannine has the lightest touch of any makeup artist I’ve known — I always get a little nervous when people come near my eye with sharp objects, but I was so relaxed that I was in a zen place. And my face looked so pretty! The shoot itself was super fun and relaxing (guess what, I don’t like having my picture taken and have been putting off having pictures taken for ages). Alexis taught me some cool, camera-ready poses too. More on the behind-the-scenes when the pics are in.