Collections Week: Rafaels I Have Owned

To finish up Collections Week, I thought I’d share a mini-collection that has been disbanded. I used to find the odd piece by Canadian designer Rafael Alfandary. I admire the designs. So if I found one in a bag of broken jewellery, I’d get all excited at first, but my enthusiasm would quickly die down and I’d never wear the piece again.

The one piece that I liked this green glass and copper pendant, which I always wore with an emerald-coloured glass bead necklace from India. But it was never quite right.

I even found some rarer models, including pendants with real stones. But in the end, they never quite worked for me so I sold them. But my Indian necklace missed its friend terribly. Just to get it to shut up, I ended up buying the copper and green glass pendant pictured below.

Rafael Canada Murano Glass and copper pendant

It is the porridge that Goldilocks chose — just right.