Label List: Lanvin, Givenchy and Céline

Vintage Lanvin Labels

Vintage Lanvin Labels and Signatures

When researching vintage designer stuff, it’s good to have some resources to compare labels and signatures to help you date and compare. An even better thing would be to share these resources. Today I’ve assembled examples of the French houses Lanvin, Givenchy and Céline. Clearly, these are examples from my modest collection of of ready-to-wear, not haute couture. Above are Lanvin scarves, ties and dresses from the 1970s and ’80s. As you can see, the actual word Lanvin does not change a lot, although the address and the logo do.

Examples of Givenchy labels and logos

Givenchy labels and logos

Next up is an assortment of examples of Givenchy lablels. I’ve mentioned this before, but in the olden days, most European designers sold through boutiques, and those boutiques would be named on the label. I’ve come across several examples of Givenchy for Fashions Couture, so I’m assuming it was a Toronto-based shop. These two 1970s-era pieces also incorporate the Givenchy logo in the fabrics. Givenchy Sport was a diffusion line. It was found on an early 1970s knit skirt (which I should wear tomorrow).

Vintage Céline Label and Logo

Example of Vintage Céline Label and Signatures

Finally, a rare find — an early 1990s Céline label. Again, you can see that it was retailed by Ira Berg, a local clothier.