Lost and Found: Vintage Diane Dive Watch

Vintage Diane Dive Watch

One of the ways I justify my collections of watches and jewellery is that it doesn’t take up very much room. While the footprint may be smaller than, say, amassing motor vehicles, I do now realize that it is possible to have too many bijoux. Case in point, I have been looking for my dive watch for about a year. At some point I gave up, thinking that I must have sold it and forgotten (or accidently pitched it in one of my periodic purges). But no, I found it stuffed inside a vase along with a bunch of necklaces that I had forgotten that I even had.

I am glad to see ol’ Divey again. While it’s a no-name (or unknown brand name) timepiece with a pin lever movement, the styling is still sexy and it has served me well. There was a short period of time when it stopped working, it seems to be running fine now.

I am doing a massive Fall cleaning/downsizing so who knows what other treasures will be found? Stay tuned!