Vintage Mexican Tonala Pottery Ducks

Mexican Tonala Pottery Ducks 1

I’ve become convinced that Mexican Pottery will be the next big thing. I see these burnished ceramic figurines at places like the Junction Flea and as all the Scandinavian stuff becomes harder to find (and outrageously princed) it can only be a matter of time before the Mexican mid century modern stuff follows suit.

Plus it’s adorable. I piked up my first two objects at the Value Village last week. They are two ducks, both signed Elias Regin P. Tonala, Jal. Mexico (Tonala in the state of Jalisco being a centre for what is known by collectors as “folk art pottery“). As of at least 2008, Regin’s studio is still proudly producing these wonderful creatings. The shape of the water fowl is simple, but they are both painted with incredibly detailed drawings of a bird and a rabbit, respectively. This pair only set me back $5. I saw a toucan on the weekend but it was $7, which was over my weekly thrift budget.

I am only beginning my research into this world so stay tuned.