Halloween Countdown: Salvador Teran for Marbel Ceramic Mask Bracelet

Marbel Bracelet 1

Before we begin, first let me say a few words in memory of my camera (2000 to 2013). It worked hard and recorded hundreds of pieces of art, clothing and jewellery. I have tried hard to find replacement parts to keep it going over the years, but alas, it became increasingly obsolete. So if anybody can recommend an affordable digital camera that takes good macro shots, please let me know.

In the meantime, we will have to make do with iPhone photos. Like this snap of my most recent thrift find — a gold-plated, 1960s-era bracelet by Salvador Teran for Marbel.

Teran started out in the 1930s working for William Spratling. In 1939, he joined Los Castillo as a designer. In 1952, he started his own shop in Mexico City.He also designed costume jewellery for the Mexican department store chain, Marbel. One of the most popular motifs (at least among the tourists) in this line were gold-plated necklaces, bracelets and earrings set with ceramic Aztec-style faces. Like this bracelet. It’s pretty cool and fairly collectible. The gold plate is peeling on the clasp, but otherwise it’s in excellent shape. It is signed Marbel SG Mexico ST on the back of the centre panel and it still has a store sticker on the back of the ceramic plaque.

Marbel Bracelet 3