Nostalgia Week: Souvenir of Chicago

rock and roll macdonalds pendant

A long, long time ago (before my time, even), there used to be vending machines with metal blanks that you could personalize by moving a dial around to select numbers and letters to “punch” a message into. I’m sure these contraptions had a simpler name, but I don’t know what it is. Back in the 1980s, when theme restaurants started to raise their ugly heads, MacDonald’s opened a 1950s concept diner in Chicago and installed one of these machines. We went there on a school trip and I made myself a little medallion, which I wore everyday (along with a Mr. T like jumble of assorted necklaces).

One day I lost it so the next time I went back to the windy city I made another one. But I never wore it as much because I didn’t want to lose it again. In a way I did lose it by keeping it buried in a shoebox full of other precious gems. I found it again last week. I am wearing it now.