Resolutions Week: Jewels

blog inlay pendant

Not so much as a resolution but rather a goal. I want to be less of a magpie this year and become more discerning in the bright, shiny objects I collect. Having an Etsy shop has taught me that you can’t just buy everything that catches your eye and excuse over-consumption by saying “Oh, when I get bored, I can always sell it in the shop.” It’s greedy and, as I’ve learned, not everything sells in the shop.

My overall 2014 resolution is downsizing what I don’t need and taking care of the things that I do need. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be hunting (I found this amazing inlay pendant in a $3.99 bag of broken jewellery on Monday), but I am going to try to be more selective and focus on certain kinds of jewellery (southwestern and Mexican, Scandinavian and Canadian mid-century pieces and designer costume pieces).