Baar & Beard Zebra Scarf

baar & Beard zebra scarf

This is about the prettiest scarf I’ve ever found. I got it at the Buy & Sell on St. Clair along with a Lake Michigan Copper Splash specimen and a broken coral necklace and a picture that I’ll tell you about on Thursday. The label reads “Baar & Beard Silk.” A little light Googling reveals that Baar & Beard was shop in NYC in the 1950s and 1960s that imported neck wear from Japan. The design reminds me of the Hollywood Regency wallpaper by Scalamandre.

This scarf shows a little wear — it’s been repaired a few times — so I don’t think I should wear it. I do think it woould look pretty amazing framed. I will start saving up my pennies to make this a 2015 project.