Shoe Down

ecote bootie

Last Winter was especially brutal and the soothsayers are predicting that this winter will be snowy and cold as well.

While I have my indestructible seal skin boots for truly terrible weather, they are not the easiest things to run to the store in on a slushy day. And last winter was so miserable that my walking about duck shoes discombobulated in April (because it was still snowing then) and I had yet to replace them. So I gave myself a budget of $60 to find something warm and weatherproof.

My first stop was Urban Outfitters, which is not a sensible shoe store by any stretch of the imagination. I just wanted to go in and check out the sale racks. I was eyeballing these green Écote booties (they do have good traction) when the sales associate came over and told me that if I downloaded the UO App, I would get 50 percent off the already discounted price. For $20 I was sold!


I know had a $40 budget to find something warm and weatherproof. I went to the Value Village at Danforth and Woodbine where I found these never worn, lined Tretorns. They still had the price tag from Winners in them. They weren’t cheap (note to VV staff, you might want to remove price tags if you are not going to reduce the price of donated goods), but I had a 30 percent off stamp card. Which came in handy when I found this barely worn pair of Fred Perry flats (pictured below). They are not at all practical for sleet and snow, but hey — winter’s gotta end sometime, right? And I still came in $20 under budget.

Fred Perry Shoe