Auction Action

kodak brownie

As you know, I’ve been downsizing my possessions for what seems like forever. It started out as a half-hearted realization that I had too many things, followed by more life changing realization that I was feeling oppressed by the amount of stuff we had. Only after my friend Becky went through the Marie Kondo purge did I gain the tools in which to start a serious decluttering. Then we decided to sell our house and move to a lower-maintenance condo (the KondoMarie technique includes getting rid of things that no longer spark joy). Packing everything up to get ready to stage the house and living in a minimalist home-made us want to purge even more.

Which brings us to how we got rid of stuff. We left a lot of goodies out on the sidewalk in “free” boxes. At some point though drunk people started randomly smashing things, so I started talking fragile objects and clothes to thrift shops so they wouldn’t get ruined.

There were a few items that I wanted to make some money from. But listing them on Craigslist took up more time than it was worth (and dedicating a whole day to a yard sale was also problematic, timing-wise. So I’ve been taking boxloads of treasures to be sold at the monthly Hookerson-Blough Auctions at Mrs. Huizenga. Not only are their great deals to be had, it’s also a fun social event. You can get this cool Kodak Brownie camera complete with case, instructions and old-timey flash bulbs.

There’s an auction tonight. You should totally go!