Midweek Modness: Sidewalk Find Tulip Terrarium

Saarinen style mid century terrarium

Went to visit my sister for Easter. On the way to her house she told me that we were passing a garage sale but she wasn’t stopping. “Why are you even mentioning it?” I asked. “Because you are going to notice it and ask to stop,” she replied. “Because it has awesome things.” And then we passed it and I noticed this Eero Saarinen-style, tulip-based terrarium on the lawn. I wanted to wrestle control of the car away from her, but I have taken a no-buying stuff vow. So we passed it by.

Cut to the next day, when my sister was driving us back to the bus terminal. “If the garage sale is still on, can we stop so I can take a picture of it at least?” I pleaded. She said okay. The garage sale was over, but the stuff that didn’t sell was lined up on the curb, free to anyone who wanted it. This pile included the terrarium. Best Easter ever!